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FTP Uploader Creator

FTP Uploader Creator 4.9

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- 1.37 MB Aug 26, 2005

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Author: Dev Zero G
License type: Shareware ($95.00) 30 Days
Categories: FTP, File Transfer & Download

Description by publisher
With FTP Uploader Creator, client software issues, FTP login errors, are all problems of the past. Simply give out pre-configured FTP Uploader Droplets (FTP Clients) to your users and all they have to do is drag, drop and files are delivered to your FTP server! FTP Uploader Creator allows pre-configuration and generation of FTP Uploader Droplets (FTP Clients), which can then be given out to users, who will drag and drop files onto the FTP Uploader Droplet to upload files to the FTP server. Using FTP Uploader Creator, settings such as username, password, server folder or path, proxy settings can be specified, so that end-users do not need to enter them manually when uploading to the FTP server. FTP Uploader Droplets (FTP Clients) can also be branded in FTP Uploader Creator, so that they have a custom logo and act as a brand promotion tool. Files can be set to be compressed individually or all into one archive before they are uploaded, saving transfer time, allowing more jobs to be sent faster. To make sure files do not arrive unannounced, FTP Uploader Droplet (FTP Client) can collect instructions, which are stored inside either a text or an XML file and are uploaded with the files.

Facts Objective Fact
Operating Systems Windows NT/2000/XP
Supported languages English, French
System requirements Pentium II 200 Mhz, 64 Mb RAM, 8 Mb HDD
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