AUTHOR: VTMiller TITLE: Hire Tina! DATE: 9/21/2005 09:58:00 PM ----- BODY:
Tina is a very creative and dedicated person I personally know... please support her cause, and be sure to sign her guest book so she can reach 1,000,000!! ---------------------------------- To the wonderful people in my network: I am sending this link to my website that launched today, and asking you, my network of friends and business contacts, to help me connect with more people by forwarding the link. That’s all — just forward the link to as many people as you’d like. Or not. No pressure. This is not a chain letter. You will not have bad luck in 3 days, get dumped or lose money if you don’t forward this. (At least if you do it won’t be my fault.) The internet can broaden our networks, help us make contact with decision-makers we would not otherwise have access to, and help us make new business connections—and I‘d like to use it do just that, not to forward chain emails and bad jokes. At, you can view my resume and there’s an area to click on to be counted. And I will hopefully prove that in just a short time, my credentials can be viewed by one million business people around the globe. That’s the goal. This email is initially being sent to you and 249 other people. A good start I think. Even if you simply forward it because you are just curious to see if it can happen, that’s great too. The site isn’t all about me. It includes tips for job seekers, job search links and some other helpful advice for anyone who is looking to land that great new opportunity. Even if you’ve never been in my position, you never know. Everyone could stand to get a pointer or two on job searching. Please note that I have hidden all your email addresses. When you forward the link, you can hide the recipient names if you wish by simply blind copying them. I know people are sensitive about email information and I assure you, does not want your personal information, we only want to keep count of the number of people that visit the site. Thank you for assisting me with my efforts. Thanks also to John Schwartz at for his amazing efforts in developing the site. There will be updates on the site as to how I am doing against the goal and an area for press as well. The Minneapolis Star Tribune will be featuring my job search in the Business section on Monday 9/26. Have a great day. And thank you very much for reading this. I hope you’ll visit the site. -- Tina Puente
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