AUTHOR: VTMiller TITLE: FREE iPod Nano DATE: 9/19/2005 10:53:00 PM ----- BODY:
Want a FREE ipod Nano player... iPod's just released incredible product... listen up: I already received a FREE iPod Shuffle from Gratis Network and now I'm going for a Nano player. It's easy and FREE and totally for real & legit!! I know a ton about internet marketing and this company/offer is for real. Here's how it works: 1) To qualify you simply sign up here 2) Try any one of their offers (ex. Blockbuster DVD rental, or FREE efax account,etc.) 3) You then refer 5 friends to do the same once you join (for FREE) - don't worry, they DON"T SPAM YOU - I hate spam more than anyone I know!! They give you a link just like this: and the last # r=yourUniqueReferral code - tells them whom to pay. Don't believe me check this press out:
How can this work?
The company gets paid for getting people to try offers they are generally interested in. Most people try the offer and never ask 5 people to do the same, so they keep the referral fees, and never have to pay out the reward. Example - did you know Blockbuster pays $25 per referral to websites that get people to try their $9.99/month trial DVD rental program? It's true, I own and have gotten many checks. So do the math... You try Blockbuster and get 5 freinds to try an offer that's $125 earned by Gratis, so they may lose some money on you... but 9 out of 10 people will forget to tell 5 people to sign up and try an offer which means they never have to pay out the reward (ipod) but keep the $25/sign up from Blockbuster!! It's a numbers game. The best part is they have hundreds of offers/businesses to choose from - so choose the trial offer you like best. Blockbuster wins (or the other companies) b/c most people end up staying as a customer - like me with Blockbuster - or they get a customer for life say with a credit card application (if you choose that one). Offers change often so hurry, and choose the one you like best so you can start referring others. Another example... I make 20% of every order from my flower site The grower pays me for spreading the news just like the Gratis people do for iPods; only they have a nice built in referral system to get others to keep-spreading the news for rewards. They have however paid out $15,000,000 in rewards and ranked as one of the fasted 500 company's in growth- so if you just follow the steps you will get your reward - I DID!! Inc. Magazine Had this to say.... Gratis, which assist companies like Blockbuster Online, Citibank, and BMG in developing customer leads, reported 1,173% total growth since its inception in 2000. Washington DC-based online marketing firm Gratis Internet has been named the 95th fastest growing company in the U.S. in Inc. Magazine's prestigious 2004 Inc. 500 ranking.
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