AUTHOR: VTMiller TITLE: Pictures of the Week DATE: 8/19/2005 12:07:00 AM ----- BODY:
Click Picture To View Larger Classic... I've been visiting this site for years. Each week MSNBC posts best pictures from around the web (and archives them) - Here's a classic for this week from Richmond, VA. After the idiot school board of Henrico county decided to go against "supply and demand" economics 101 - they chose to sell 1000 county owned ibook laptops to the public. They even told media that ONLY Henrico residents could buy one, and that they had to have proof of residency (b/c word got out and people were coming from other states to try to buy these 4 year old machines).
My question is why did they not simply put them on ebay or sell them to another county school for more than $50 if they knew people were inquiring from afar. They could avoided this panic, chaos, and made more money that ALL residents of Henrico could have benefited from - not just the select few who could take off work to get slaughtered, pushed around, and mangled in a mad rush for some old computer deals.
I would have even offered them $100 for one (even though I live in the city) and told them I'd donate to The Boys & Girls Club. Doubling their money, and helping a good cause. That's the problem with politics today... no entrepreneur insight or reason to THINK!
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