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This summer, thousands of families will be flocking to theme parks, zoos, amusement parks and other places of interest that should be the preserve of adults (lighten up Chopper - Ed!). For most, vacation with family is a positive and relaxing experience. However, for many parents with young children it can prove to be quite stressful (and for the rest of us!). A common fear shared by parents is accidentally being separated from their child in an unfamiliar environment surrounded by hundreds of strangers such as a theme park. One simple and inexpensive way to help eliminate this fear is with Kidtagz Child ID Shoe Tags (from $2.99 a pair). Kidtagz are emergency shoe tags designed especially for preschool and grade school children. Parents write vital information such as a cell phone number or a medical alert directly on the inside of the tag, and snap it on their child's shoelaces, Velcro or sandal strap. Kidtagz are designed to fit securely onto most types of children's shoes and are waterproof and lightweight.


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