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Hokie Football is just around the corner! After a strong 2004, the sky is the limit for 2005. It is going to be up to the 12th Man (yes, that is us) to carry our Hokies to the National Championship. For the past few years, Virginia Tech football has gained a reputation for having some of the greatest fans in the game. Everyone fears coming to Lane Stadium because of the 12th Man. Now it is time to form a tradition that sticks with Virginia Tech. The Hokie Hanky is the answer!! The Hokie Hanky is an 11 x18 spirit that is officially licensed by Virginia Tech.

Due to ACC regulations, all noisemakers are forbidden, but we have designed something that will maximize the spirit level of Lane Stadium and Hokie fans all over. The Hokie Hanky will set VT fans apart from the rest of the college nation. Can you imagine 50,000 fans cheering, screaming, jumping and waving the orange Hokie Hanky? Or the opposing team looking up and seeing a stadium full of orange. The Hokie Hanky will make Lane Stadium an even harder place for opponents to play. Be part of the newest tradition at Virginia Tech and order one now!

Availability: Towels are ready to ship.

HH $6.00 each For more information or for mutiple towels, contact us today!

here are only 4 days 6 hours and 48 minutes left until VT Football kicks off

2005 Schedule
9/4 @ NC State - 7:15, ESPN2
9/10 @ Duke - Noon
9/17 Ohio U - 3:30, ESPN U
9/24 Georgia Tech
10/1 @ West Virginia
10/8 Marshall
10/20 @ Maryland - 7:45, ESPN
10/27 Boston College - 7:45, ESPN
11/5 Miami
11/19 @ UVA
11/26 North Carolina

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