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Example:  Turn Album Covers Into Art (frames for the past)
Art Vinyl

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Album covers have been the home of some superb (and some dire) art over the years, and many have become collectors classics. So it seems a shame that many of them lie gathering dust in cupboards when they should be on display. Enter Art Vinyl 'Play and Display', the saviour of Album Cover Art. These clever frames have been designed to hold your funky album covers perfectly - you can even slip the records out of their sleeves while still in their frames, if you're sufficiently retro to have record player. Some of the truly great POP artists started their careers designing Album covers for huge bands, and original covers are now coming back as works of art.

These cool frames are not for the likes of a 'Steps' album cover, but more of an original Dark Side of the Moon cover, or the Russian edition of a 1978 Muddy Waters album (yes, it exists). Because they're designed to hold the sleeve securely without clips or clasps, it's simple to slip out one cover and replace it with another, instantly interchangeable art! For a chic display of contemporary art, these frames are without equal.

Product Features

Art Vinyl

    Art Vinyl Classic Mount:
  • Available as single cover or set of three
  • Suitable for 99.99% of 12 album covers and LPs/records
  • Designed to hold the record and sleeve so you can pull out the album and play it and then put it right back on the wall!
  • Made from high quality acrylic.
  • Comes with black display tray and unique 'zip clip' to allow for the variance in vinyl cover size
  • Size: 37.5 x 36.5 x 1cm
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