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Free Software: ColorPic Version 4

ColorPicWe're happy to announce that Version 4 of ColorPic, the totally free on-screen color picker, has been released. The new application still lets you select any color from the screen, but now a wealth of powerful color selection tools have been added that you'd expect to find in expensive applications.

New for Version 4 is the 'Mixer' section which gives you four powerful graphical ways to change your selected color. You can pick the color from a honeycomb, two mixing areas, or adjust six sliders for Hue, Saturation, Value, Red, Green and Blue color components. ColorPic now has the Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and Black color values. You can snap your chosen color to the nearest websafe value, and all this is displayed in the new easy to use layout.

The ColorPic also sports a magnification area that allows you to get super detailed when picking a color. Version four has major speed improvements and an easier to use magnification slider, and now allows you to select either a point sample or a 3x3 or 5x5 average color from any place on your screen.


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