AUTHOR: VTMiller TITLE: Brilliant Design - I just love this type of stuff... DATE: 8/18/2005 11:24:00 PM ----- BODY:
Incredilbly talented group - and great idea to design products and then ask for "manufacturer wanted" to get it produced. Sternform Produktgestaltung, by Andrea Grossfuss and Olaf Kiessling, is a young office for product design. We specialize in furniture, accessories and all kind of products surrounding and concerning people. “Toaster” Manufacturing firm wanted. A toaster made of glass, which celebrates toasting in a glowing and shining way that makes us look forward to enjoy a fresh piece of toast. At work, he shows himself and at the same time he explains how he works. He neither hides the bread, nor its preparation. In this way it is possible to receive him as an idyllic little light. He stages the bread and the way it gets toasted, which is accompanied by warm light and a tempting aroma. Hollows at both sides allow to take hold of the bread without touching the toaster itself. The switch is designed like a remote control which also houses all electronic control components. Philosophy We try to walk through life open-eyed and to react adequately. Additionally, we don´t want to think of the functions of things only, but we also care about life being as pleasant as possible with them - good handling, a smile, an insight, amazement, a pleasant movement, a lightening.
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