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Vue 5 Infinite: The Natural 3D Solution! $599 Incredible Program examples from users gallery

Vue 5 Infinite is the most efficient and advanced solution for creating, animating and rendering natural 3D environments. Vue 5 Infinite naturally integrates and extends all major 3D applications* to provide a complete, professional natural 3D studio. Specifically designed for professionals, it combines a multitude of cutting-edge features that easily integrate with your workflow. With its intuitive, production-oriented layout, you will quickly create and enhance your production with rich EcoSystems™ of wind-swept trees and plants, volumetric atmospheres and detailed terrains in fully animated scenes. Vue 5 Infinite is e-on software's high-end 3D scenery solution for illustrators, SFX studios, architects, and 3D Computer Graphics professionals. It is strongly focused on power, productivity and inter-operability with existing toolkits.


Take a Tour, the Visual Way! This graphical product tour will give you a quick overview of what Vue 5 Infinite can do for you.

Interactive Flash presentation, 800x600, roughly 5MB altogether.


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