AUTHOR: VTMiller TITLE: Web Designers: Looking to optimize and batch print file compression? DATE: 7/31/2005 12:25:00 PM ----- BODY:
offers cool tools and software to make this process a breeze.
Software for slide shows, screen savers, VideoCD DVDs, digital cameras and faster graphics / web sites.

Click on a product below to download it and get started right away.

  xatshow Make a slideshow or screensaver and display it on your TV or PC. xatshow uniquely makes 6 types of slideshow: PC slideshow, PC screensaver, DVD, VideoCD, Web show (see right) and digital camera shows. Download and start now.

Image Optimizer Get the best possible GIF and JPEG image compression for web graphics. Optimize your images using's unique Magicompression techology and see your web site fly. Download and start now.

Webspeed Simulator Simulate a slow internet connection, analyze your web design at slow speed, test flash and java designs. Download and start now.

JPEG Disk Optimizer Accelerate a complete site with this bulk JPEG/GIF/PNG file image converter . Resize, compress and watermark images as they arrive at your server or compress a whole site/disk. Download now.

Image Optimizer OCX Integrate image compression and enhancement technology with your Visual Basic, Delphi etc application using our OCX activex control. Download now.

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