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With Trail Finder you can browse for trails by state or province by just clicking on the interactive map below. Find hiking trails, biking trails, running trails, walking trails, snowshoe trails, water trails, and rail trails. All of our 30,000 trails have trip descriptions, custom trail maps, driving directions, and the specific details you need to plan your outdoor recreation getaway. So no matter if you are planning a week-long backpacking trip or just a day hike you will quickly find the information and tools to have a safe and fun outing. Sign up for a free trial today to enjoy the benefits of being a member. We are excited to offer you a free subscription - the most complete outdoor & travel planning resource! This 14-day trial subscription includes the following features. Member Benefits: # 30,000 trails from 1,000 guidebooks # 30 outdoor & travel activities # Unlimited topo maps & aerial photos # 20 guidebook chapter downloads (3 during trial) # 20 hi-resolution map downloads (3 during trial)
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