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Dynamic Vantage Puts the 'Expressions' into Photoblogging, Version 3.0 of the Popular Photoblogging Software Launches

Tuesday, July 19, 2005 from:

Aimed at amateur and experienced photographers, digital camera owners and artists, Expressions enables users to display and share their work online. The 3.0 version introduces a range of new features: highlights include the ability to tag photos so members can share their images and browse other members' galleries more easily. Other new features include greater control over web page templates, an improved text editor for blog entries and scheduled posting.

Listed in "six of the best photoblog and moblog services" by the Guardian and also praised by PC Magazine, Expressions provides an established community for its members, bringing traffic, encouragement and feedback. Users can post their favourite pictures in a themed gallery and viewers can give positive or negative feedback.

Expressions is the brainchild of Lorissa Shepstone and her co-founding members of Dynamic Vantage, Gordon Clemmons and Guy Stanton. Shepstone became involved with photoblogging in the late 90s and decided to develop Expressions after realising that the existing blog software applications failed to make the process easy for everyone.

Lorissa Shepstone comments: "Many of the previous systems could be used to create a photoblog, but none of them focused on it and made it simple for anyone with a camera to share the images they capture in a highly accessible way. And so the seed of Expressions was planted, leading to the comprehensive product we offer today."

To sign up for a free 30 day trial of Expressions, visit ( Thereafter, the service will be charged at $3.00 US dollars per month or $29.95 US for a yearly subscription.

Dynamic Vantage Inc., was established in January 2003 by Lorissa Shepstone, Gordon Clemmons and Guy Stanton, and is based in Somerville, Massachusetts. Its sole purpose is to offer a hosted, powerful, affordable and easy-to-use photoblogging service in multiple languages.

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