AUTHOR: VTMiller TITLE: new life capturing hobby... DATE: 7/19/2005 10:09:00 PM ----- BODY:
First you must learn the rules... Then you must forget the rules... My camera is on the way!------------------> About this odd sport of sorts: you are just about to discover the most interactiv, vivid, blurred and crazy face of photography worldwide. we heartily and most warmly invite you to dive into our unique online photo-features, to taste our cameras and -most of all- to become a lomographer. help us to simply build the biggest snapshot portrait of our planet and to revolutionize the picture communication from the hip. prost. Why do this? Why not? PICTURES: That is what Lomography is all about. Nothing compares to the feeling of visually diving into a pool of shining, new, sweet-smelling lomographs. My pictures, your pictures, pictures of the world, pictures of fleeting moments, secret passions, boring brou-ha, left toes, blurred nothings. Simply everything. Lomography collects, treasures and presents all of this. It's moments in time... it's worldwide collection of 230,000 Lomographers. A wild, independent bunch of astonishing people - hyperactive, open-minded, contact-loving individuals who thirst for excitement and hunger for your pictures. See "freshly-painted" pictures; get urgent updates and news, join worldwide events, and dive headfirst into Lomography. How it all began... Stay tuned...My page of LomoGraphics coming soon...
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