AUTHOR: VTMiller TITLE: CD Baby For Musicians DATE: 7/30/2005 04:27:00 PM ----- BODY:
Support artists at their core... their wallet!
  • CD Baby is a little online record store that sells CDs by independent musicians.
  • [In•de•pen•dent: (adj.) Not having sold one's life, career, and creative works over to a corporation.]
  • We're just a few people (details here) in a cool Portland, Oregon, CD warehouse that looks like a playground. We listen to every CD we sell before we sell it, so we can help you find other albums you'll like.
  • We only sell CDs that come directly from the musicians. No distributors. Musicians send us CDs. We warehouse them, sell them to you, and pay the musicians directly.
  • Cool thing: in a regular record deal or distribution deal, musicians only make $1-$2 per CD, if they ever get paid by their label.
  • When selling through CD Baby, musicians make $6-$12 per CD, and get paid weekly.
  • In business, and thriving, since March 1998. We're the largest seller of independent CDs on the web.
  • Current Numbers:

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