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The Hype Machine aggregates songs posted at MP3 blogs — as Stereogum puts it, it’s “audio RSS for Generation Lazy.”

The site takes individual songs posted at various MP3 blogs and then links the tracks to its database, displays them on the front page, and pops ‘em all into a Flash player (or your own media player if you prefer). It’s like having an online radio station made up of MP3 blog selections.

The songs are served via Coral, a service that caches frequently accessed files across a widely distributed network of servers. This means that bloggers’ bandwidth is not used. Nonetheless, some MP3 bloggers feel like, well, I’ll just quote Robot Mark’s comment: “As an mp3 blogger, I personally don’t really like it. We get special permission from bands and labels to post what we do, and then this douche comes along and hijacks our shit.”

MP3 bloggers bitching about having their content hijacked? Hmmm. But does Mark have a point? Anthony from the Hype Machine responds, “I’ve created this site to let people find something new and to also facilitate discovery of quality bloggers, but in my case it happens in a sequence which seems to make some people uncomfortable: people listen to music first then read the posts.” He’ll also remove a blog if the author doesn’t want it included in the site.

Related: is another site that aggregates MP3 blog posts and links (it’s searchable too).

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